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Treatment groups for individuals classified in this category are designed to encourage the individual to examine their use patterns of alcohol and/or other drugs, and motivate them to make attitude, behavior, and lifestyle changes to prevent future alcohol/drug-related problems. By utilizing cognitive/behavioral therapies, we focus on:

-Intervening in the behavior, lifestyle, and cognitive processes that lead to inappropriate and abusive substance abuse.

-Supporting and reinforcing the development of social skills and behaviors that will support the maintenance of a non-problematic, appropriate, and responsible alcohol use pattern.

-Group therapy affords clients the opportunities to identify harmful behaviors and lifestyle choices in a setting with other people who are experiencing similar situations.

-Clients are encouraged to examine and understand the impact of substance use on major areas of their lives, and to learn more about their relationship with alcohol and/or other drugs.

Goals of treatment:

1. To conduct a comprehensive clinical emotional, behavioral, bio-psychosocial assessment of our clients.

2. To develop and implement a clinically sound, individualized treatment plans for our clients.

3. Assist clients in changing patterns of use leading to modification/reduction of consumption, or making a conscious decision for abstinence.

4. Assist clients in re-claiming or developing alternative healthier coping skills , problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

5. Assist clients in planning a personalized continuing care action plan for the maintenance of a non-problematic, appropriate, and responsible pattern of use and for some clients, a conscious decision for abstinence.

6. To provide individualized post-treatment support services in order to maintain the gains made in treatment

7. To develop a personalized prevention plan, identifying triggers to abusive behaviors, and effective ways of dealing with triggers which have led to abuse in the past.

Significant Risk/Substance Abuse